Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I'm on a roll now...

First things first, here is our new niece, Sophie Lynn, who was born today, Aug. 16 and looks exactly like her big brother Jack when he was born!

On July 3, we celebrated the baptism of both Nolan and Daphne! We are so proud to also be the Godparents of little Daphne.

L to R: Ellison, Jonathan, Nolan, Erin, Megan, Daphne, and Josh.

We were honored to have my brother, Erik, be Nolan's Godparent.
A family pic with Laur and Jer too!

Here are some pictures on the pontoon, from late July when the kids and I took a trip to Wausau (Jonny joined us later in the week).

Noli and Elle

Me and my kids

The brothers and their new baby's, I mean bikes! (Jonny now...technically, these are BMC racemachines rm01. Full carbon, Sram Red, Easton EA70 wheels and bars - to summarize, RIDICULOUS!)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

looking back

The picture below is the most current of the 2 kids, after that you will find pictures of them from the last 4 months; all the way back to Easter and Elle's 3rd birthday up to Nolan's birthday.

Both of the kids love sitting/spinning in J's chair, not together though...

Birthday Boy Nolan James turned the big 1 on July 14!

Marcy Lynn Powers
September 1 1954 - July 13 2011

Courage, perseverance, strength and unrelenting love; our beautiful warrior paved the way for our own struggles.

so many amazing memories...

Ellison Leigh turned 3 April 22


-not sure what is up with the big gaps between pics...tried to fix them like 100x, oh well.